Great Dane – Blue & Green

Hailing out of Orange County, California, Dane Morris, better known as Great Dane, is an up and coming producer with a love for underground hip hop and tracks rich with texture. Some may know him as the co-founder of Team Supreme, a music label and artist collective that releases weekly beat cyphers, but he’s definitely made his own name for himself since then.

Signed to Alpha Pup records, Dane previously released an EP entitled Alpha Dog that showcased his skill set with his spaced out rap beats and eclectic melodies. The track “Blue & Green” below is his newest release and again demonstrates his finesse when it comes to production. The ambient synths and serene clap really encourage you to just relax and drift away. The only thing that could possibly elevate the awesomeness of this number would be for Dane to have some crazy underground rapper record some verses over it, but I’m sure he’s got plenty of that planned down the road. “Blue & Green” will be on his upcoming EP Beta Cat which drops February 25th, so be sure to pick it up when the time comes!