Throwback Thursday: August 27, 1995

Another Throwback Thursday! This one is going to be thrown back 20 years, so get ready.

10) One More Chance/Stay With Me by The Notorious B.I.G.

9) Run-Around by Blues Traveler

8) Don’t Take It Personal (Just One Of Dem Days) by Monica

7) He’s Mine by MoKenStef

6) Gangsta’s Paradise (Feat. L.V.) (From Dangerous Minds) by Coolio

5) I Can Love You Like That by All-4-One

4) Colors Of The Wind (From Pocahontas) by Vanessa Williams

3) Boombastic/In The Summertime by Shaggy

2) Waterfalls by TLC

1) Kiss From A Rose (From Batman Forever) by Seal

"Joey Fatone" Addressed the One Direction Hiatus, and It's So Accurate It Hurts

In case you’ve fallen off the face of the Earth or just really don’t have your priorities in check and you somehow missed it, One Direction announced their “extended hiatus” that will begin in March, after they complete all of their prior commitments for the 2016. “Joey Fatone,” or someone doing their best Joey Fatone impression addressed the band’s planned hiatus online, and it is so incredibly honest, and unfortunately, pretty true as well.

He comments on Harry’s budding solo career, and what the rest of their lives will look like in the next couple years in his appropriately titled post, “Everything is About to Be Terrible.”

Read the full thing here and try to console yourself with a little bit of comedy:

Radcircle Rotations Vol. 33: What We’ve Been Listening To All Damn Week

Vibe Street – Till I’m Gone

Vibe Street is a DJ/producer who mixes beats and genres for a unique sound that is all his own. “Grass hop” and “future folk” are the terms that Vibe Street coined to describe his electronic music with a folky, bluegrass twist. Give this song a listen for a taste of his genre-fusing feel-good music.

Ashlee Czapla, Member

Halsey – Hold Me Down

This is probably the most popular song by the flawless Halsey, and there’s a reason for that. It’s catchy, fun and just the perfect thing to listen to when you’re driving with the windows down on a summer day or night.

Anita Nham, Editor In Chief

Radcircle Rotations Vol. 32: What We’ve Been Listening To All Damn Week

Liu Bei – Mind Over Matter

It’s not always fair to judge a song on its release date, but judging by the fact that Liu Bei released a new single on my birthday, well, I can’t help myself. The upbeat, yet dreamy production of “Mind Over Matter” has left me playing it over and over. What a perfect birthday present.

Jennifer Baik, Editorials

The Main Squeeze – Eyes of the World

The Main Squeeze is a soulful funk band that is blowing up the scene. With groovy beats and powerful vocals, this group moves audience hearts and feet. Check out this powerful cover of The Grateful Dead’s “Eyes of the World.”

Ashlee Czapla, Member

LÉON – Tired of Talking

This was a bittersweet week for me as my 14-week long internship finally came to an end. It was hard to go in every day since it was one step closer to leaving, but I would listen to this song all the time to make myself feel better. And it actually worked.

Anita Nham, Editor In Chief

Throwback Thursday: August 13, 2005

How is it already mid-August? Why does time seem to fly by? I have no idea, but I do know that I don’t like it one bit. With that, I’m going to take some time to reminisce on the past. Let’s rewind exactly ten years ago, to the top 15 songs from the week of August 13, 2005, according to Billboard Top 100.

15) “Feel Good Inc” by Gorillaz

14) “Cater 2 U” by Destiny’s Child

13) “Grind With Me” by Pretty Ricky

12) “Get It Poppin’ (Feat. Nelly)” by Fat Joe

11) “Pimpin’ All Over The World (Feat. Bobby Valentino)” by Ludacris

10) “Listen To Your Heart” by D.H.T.

9) “Don’t Phunk With My Heart” by The Black Eyed Peas

8) “You and Me” by Lifehouse

7) “Behind These Hazel Eyes” by Kelly Clarkson

6) “Hollaback Girl” by Gwen Stefani

5) “Lose Control (Feat. Ciara & Fat Man Scoop)” by Missy Elliott

4) “Let Me Hold You (Feat. Omarion)” by Bow Wow

3) “Don’t Cha (Feat. Busta Rhymes)” by The Pussycat Dolls

2) “Pon de Replay” by Rihanna

1) “We Belong Together” by Mariah Carey

Monday's Fall Tour Announcements

Monday just got a little better as fall tour announcements have begun to flood our social media accounts. In only a few hours, numerous artists and bands have shared their tour plans.

Here is the Monday tour recap:

1) Knuckle Puck, Seaway, Sorority Noise & Head North
– The tour starts on October 14 in Canada and ends on November 21 in Ohio.
– All dates can be found on their website.
– Presale tickets are live. General tickets go on sale on Friday, 8/14.

2) The Amity Affliction, Chelsea Grin, SECRETS, Cruel Hand & THE PLOT IN YOU
– The tour starts on October 8 in California and ends on November 2 in Salt Lake City.
– All dates can be found on their website.
– Tickets go on sale Friday, 8/14 at 12 PM EST.

3) Have Mercy, Transit, Somos & Microwave
– The tour starts on October 14 in Philadelphia and ends on November 22 in Virginia.
– All dates can be found on their website.
Get presale tickets now as they include an acoustic set/Q&A and a new A Flexi 7” single “Collider.”
– General tickets go on sale Friday, 8/14 at 10 AM EST.

4) Breaking Benjamin & Shinedown
– The tour starts on October 12 in Kansas and ends on November 24 in Portland.
– All dates can be found on their website.
– Tickets go on sale Tuesday, 8/11 at 10 AM local time.

5) Circa Survive, RX Bandits & Citizen
Circa Survive will be celebrating the 10 year anniversary of Juturna by performing the record in its entirety.
– The tour starts on October 23 in New York City and ends on November 28 in New Jersey.
– All dates can be found their website.
– A limited amount of VIP Tickets, that include a ticket, LP with limited screen printed cover, wall flag, Q&A and intimate acoustic set are available via Show Stubs.
– General tickets are already on sale.

6) Chris Young, Eric Paslay & Clare Dunn
– The tour starts on October 22 in Georgia and ends on December 5 in Wisconsin.
– All dates can be found on their website.
– Tickets go on sale Friday, 8/14 at 10 AM local time. A limited number of exclusive VIP Packages will also be available for sale. These packages can include premium tickets, access to a Chris Young preshow acoustic event and limited-edition merchandise.

7) The Wonder Years, Motion City Soundtrack, State Champs & You Blew It!
– The tour starts on October 17 in New York City and ends on November 27 in New Jersey.
– All dates can be found on their website.
– VIP Stripped Down Sessions are on sale now and can be bought via Sound Rink.
– General tickets will go on sale Thursday, 8/13 at 10 AM local time.

8) Dan + Shay & Kelsea Ballerini
– The tour starts on October 1 in Kentucky and ends on October 24 in Alabama.
– All dates can be found on their website.
– Tickets and VIP packages go on sale Friday, 8/14 at 10 AM EST.

9) Neck Deep will be joining All Time Low and Sleeping With Sirens
– The tour starts on October 9 in Orlando and ends on November 24 in New York.
– Tickets are on sale now at All Time Low’s website.

Which concerts are you going to?

Radcircle Rotations Vol. 31: What We’ve Been Listening To All Damn Week

Mac Miller – Grandkids

I’m not a huge Mac Miller fan. I listened to his mainstream songs a couple years back but haven’t really been into his newer stuff. I think this is going to change with his newest album. It’s been two years since he’s dropped an album, which means it’s either going to be crazy good or it’ll be a flop. Judging from this single, “Grandkids,” I’m putting my money on this album being a hit, and getting me back into Mac Miller.

Gavin Dinublio, Head of Engineering

One T – All I Wanted

I came upon this brilliant artist named One T when I was browsing through SoundCloud last week. His real name is Bret Loehr and he fuses funk and classic rock for this amazing sound. “All I Wanted” is his newest track, and I cannot stop listening to it because his vocals are very smooth and soothing. It’s impossible to not put this track on repeat.

Anita Nham, Editor In Chief

What it's Really Like to Sit Floor at a One Direction Concert

In one word: Intense.

I saw some shit. I’m not going to pretend I’m some 20 year old that just happened upon these tickets, as if they fell from the sky and I just decided I would go for shits and giggles. I bought these tickets nine months ago, for a ridiculous price and have had a countdown in my phone ever since. Of course I’ve been to my share of One Direction concerts, but I’ve never been lucky enough to sit on the floor. But, that all changed last night when I was fifth row for their show in Baltimore’s M&T Bank Stadium. So, for those of you like me who have never been lucky enough to sit floor, I’m going to provide a short summary of what it’s really like on the depths of the floor.

1. The signs. They range from funny to straight-up deranged. And when you’re on the floor, you can read them a lot more clearly. Here’s one I saw…Still confused on this one.


2. People throw stuff. Like a lot of stuff. Something about nailing Harry Styles in the head with various items from your purse is just so exhilarating.

3. You will try to join in on the throwing fun. Regardless of athletic capability. You might hit a security guard in the head with a cardboard drink holder when you try to throw it like a frisbee at Niall. She might threaten to kick you out.

4. You will get AWESOME pictures to post on social media and make all your other friends jealous. liam

5. You’re gonna be one of those people whose Snapchat story pushes three digits. Accept it. Move on. You’re 10 feet from One Direction, do what you gotta do.

6. You’ll finally get hit with the streamers (!!!) you enviously watch from above in the nosebleed seats! streamers

7. Pro Tip: Find the set-list ahead of time on Twitter, and everyone around you will become your best friend.

8. Overall, you’re gonna have a great time, as you would at any concert where you sit floor. So if you’re into the band, shell out the money in advance and go for the floor seats. Being that close is a completely different experience, and it was wholeheartedly and undeniably worth every penny. #noshame